6 Razor Blades? What is the Answer to a Better Shave?

Posted by Mr. Foster on Jun 1st 2022

Let the truth be known… the latest and greatest shaving cream products have done little if anything to improve the discomforts associated with shaving normal or sensitive skin. Today, even if you p … read more

5 Differences Between Preshave Oil and Shave Oil?

Posted by Mr. Foster on Mar 28th 2021

What is the difference between shave Oil and preshave oil?  A PRESHAVE OIL is something you manufacture and sell if you already have a massive amount of business selling the white stuff. I'm … read more

Barber Shop Shaving with Shave Oil

Posted by Mr. Foster on Nov 5th 2020

I get my hair cut at a local Barber Shop. During one of my visits I gave my barber a sample of Shave Answers Shave Oil to try. Needless to say, he was skeptical. I told him to just give it a try. … read more

1 Simple Way to Soften Hair Before Shaving.

Posted by MR. Foster on Nov 5th 2020

PreShave Face Wash- A Simple way to soften hair before shaving. They say that a piece of hair is as tough as an equally sized piece of copper wire! First we have to understand what causes your hair … read more