Pre-Shave Face Wash

Pre-shave preparation is key to a Perfect Shave, by reducing razor drag. The goal here is to hydrate your facial hair with warm water before shaving. This will turn stiff hair into water saturated hair. The use of a mild Face Wash will speed this process by removing some of the natural oil (sebum) from the surface of the hair. After two or three minutes of a washing and rinsing the hair, water will saturate the hair to provide thorough hydration. This will allow the razor to penetrate the hairs easily - eliminating razor burn and bumps.

With the use of natural Jojoba and Bergamot Essential Oil, our Bermotti Aftershave can immediately sooth minor irritation caused by shaving or even sun burn! As a natural wax ester, the Jojoba formula traps the natural occurring oils your skin produces throughout the day. By doing so, you promote healthy skin and substantially reduce dryness.

Our Face Wash is made from 97% organic and 3% natural plant oils. Bermotti Aftershave is formulated with 100% natural plant oils, is alcohol free and never tested on animals.