1 Simple Way to Soften Hair Before Shaving.

Posted by MR. Foster on Nov 4th 2020

PreShave Face Wash- A Simple way to soften hair before shaving. They say that a piece of hair is as tough as an equally sized piece of copper wire!

First we have to understand what causes your hair to be so tough to shave. Imagine each hair having a coat of armor. These are actually in the form of cell sized plates that overlap each other like tile or shingles on a roof. You have to penetrate these plates of armor so you can saturate them with water before you attempt to shave. There is no way to remove that “armor” but you can soften it before you shave. By following a simple strategy and the use of Face Wash, this can be accomplished within minutes prior to your shave.

The least expensive way to soften that plate of armor is to use warm water and a little mild Face Wash. Begin by washing your face thoroughly for one minute being sure to cleans the area where you plan to shave. Then continue adding comfortably hot water, not super hot, for another one to two minutes while massaging your hairs at the same time. Or if you don’t have the soap, no less than 3 minutes of warm water alone will also can do the trick. Now that you’ve completed this task, the “armor” should be completely saturated with moisture and soft enough to shave.

Many people complain about Shave Oils and that don’t soften their hair enough to shave. It should be clearly understood that shave oil is not, nor ever was, intended to soften hairs prior to being shaved. Shave Oil is intended to simply provide glide for your razor so that the razor blades can cut through your hairs without drag that typically causes razor cuts, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and general razor irritation. This is commonly found with normal or especially with sensitive skin and the process of shaving.

For 4000 years’ people have been using soap to shave. Yes, soap worked well and served its purpose but now that razor blades are sharpened to a level that was never imagined, the lotions we use must upgraded. They now need to handle the problems of additional razor cuts, irritation, razor bumps and the common problems we see shavers experiencing every day. It has come to a point where beards and stubble are common place. The fact is, people try to avoid shaving.

What about razor blades?

The type of razor blade you use is determined by you and your personal preference. If the hair is prepped correctly prior to shaving, just about any decent razor with a newer blade should work. Although some razor blades are more advanced than others. We use Blade Bath to keep razor blades sharper longer after each shave. A simple soak after each use with this natural solution will protect the razor blade and makes any razor blade last 3 to 4 times longer than normal. This allows us to purchase higher quality blades since we get more life from each blade. If you have prepared your hair for shaving and are using a quality shave oil, then there shouldn’t be any drag from the razor… unless it is finally ready to be thrown away.

Considering a different shaving lotion? #1, You don’t want to cover up the area to be shaved in shave soap, shave foam or gel. Seeing where you shave, as a super sharp blade attempts to glide over your face, is ultra-important when trying to reduce or eliminate razor blade cuts, bumps or razor rash! To allow the blade to glide over the face without worry, we use SHAVE ANSWERS Shave Oil from Foster and Lake, Inc. This is natural, yet simple formula with just two or three ingredients is made with coconut oil fortified with Meadow Foam Seed Oil and if it has a fragrance, Essential Oil is added in minor amounts. This high tech shave oil allows the blade to glide over the skin without nicks or cuts. While at the same time it slices through the softened hairs with ease. Just place 3 to 5 drops in your hand, rub it into the area to be shaved and then shave. Your blade strokes should be in the same direction as the hair growth. If you miss a spot, make a second stroke in the opposite direction. If you begin to feel any blade drag, simply re-wet with a light splash of warm water and continue to shave the area. You’ll get about 300 shaves in a bottle and the natural fragrances and un-scented options won’t interfere with the scent of your aftershave.