The Problem
After many years in an attempt to ease the pain of shaving every morning, our founder went out to find the best shave lotion to make the process of shaving his thick whiskers easier and without producing blood on a daily basis. After trying every shave soap, lotion, gel and goo he could find, nothing worked to protect the face, provide an exceptional shave, was all-natural and at a fair price.

All that existed were the same old foams, creams and gels in a can or tube that didn't do much more than keep the beard moist with mostly water and a long list of synthetically produced soaps and chemicals or high priced products with fancy labels that provided the same results and left him with less money in his pocket.

The Challenge

In 2010 he was challenged by his son to formulate a shave solution to solve the problem. After many nicks and cuts he found that preparation was extremely important to moisturize and soften the beard hairs. As a matter of fact, all of the shaving lotions sold today strongly suggest to wash the face prior to applying their lotions. He also remembered that his father just used soap and warm water to shave but still complained about problems associated with shaving. He found that the lotions, foams and creams sold today don't actually soften the beard, they just keep it moist and the oils in the mix were the key to the success of a shave. It's what actually provides the needed glide that increases comfort as the razor moves over the skin.

Preparation is about 50% of the challenge to produce a great shave. The rest is all in the lubrication / oil mix. So he thought if he could just prep with warm water and soap, rinse it off then apply a lubricating oil, he could completely remove the use of soap, creams or gels. So he set out to formulate a simple lubricating solution made with natural plant oils that would trap the moisture and provide a slick surface for the razor. This would give the user just what he or she needed.

The Hard Work

His first attempt at shave oil produced a good shave but not what he wanted. He thought it would be "easy" and in short time he could formulate a simple all-natural shave oil that would work for the toughest beards, have natural ingredients, protect the skin, leave no greasy after effects and provide a great overall value. STOP...Not so easy! Finding the right mix to achieve all the benefits he wanted would require many trials and errors.

Seven years later, yes seven years, his new product, Shave Answers™ was produced for the first time. But, it was exactly what he wanted.

The Result

In 2017 the first batch of Shave Answers™ Shave Oil was bottled and was accompanied along with two more innovative products. Bermotti Aftershave™ and a new innovation to shaving called Blade Bath™. Blade Bath will extend the life of any razor by 3 to 4 times. The trio of products were introduced under the same set of goals as Shave Answers™. That is, they must be safe, all- natural, no-nonsense, minimalist formulas that delighted the customer and provide exceptional value in exchange for the benefits they provide.

Our Promise

Our ingredients are simple and the products work as he originally planned. We use ingredients like Jojoba with a light, natural scent of Bergamot Essential oil for Bermotti After shave. Coconut oil and Meadow Foam Seed Oil in Shave Answers Shave Oil, all plant ingredients in our Face Wash and natural Tree Oil & Cinnamon Leaf Oil in Blade Bath™.

Please feel free to review each product yourself. Consider that there are over 300 applications in each bottle of Shave Answers and Bermotti After Shave. Since Blade Bath will extend the life of any razor by 3 to 4 times, it will provide longer life for any razor used. This especially for higher cost/quality blades.

We appreciate your comments in our review section after using any of our products and look forward to providing you with additional products that stay true to our founder's original goals.

From your friends at Foster and Lake...have a great shave today and tomorrow.