6 Razor Blades? What is the Answer to a Better Shave?

Posted by Mr. Foster on Jun 1st 2022

Let the truth be known… the latest and greatest shaving cream products have done little if anything to improve the discomforts associated with shaving normal or sensitive skin. Today, even if you purchase the latest Men's razor with a cartridge that has 6 blades along with the best shave cream, you can still get razor burn, cuts, bumps or ingrown hairs.

As a result, people are going back to older shaving creams and shave soap with technology that, in the early 1900’s, was the best available. They call it “wet shaving”. There are lots of old school shaving products you can buy when you fall into this endless pit of consumer products. There are shaving cups, collectable straight razors, Double Edge safety razors (DE), shave brushes, razor stands and the list goes on with different colors and material options. 

How did this happen? You see, shaving took a giant leap in the right direction back in 1904 when the double edge Safety Razor was invented. Why did they call it a “Safety Razor”? Because, prior to that, straight edge razors were all that existed and men would cut themselves all the time. It was a bloody experience that some men couldn’t ever master. Prior to the “safety razor”, beards were popular because men dreaded the thought of shaving every day and the safest way to get a shave was at the local barber shop. The safety razor made it easier to shave your face and allowed the common man opportunity to shave as much as they wanted. Since that time, there have been hundreds of improvements with razor blade technology. So much so that now manufacturers are now struggling to invent something that's just different to sell. 

Now when it comes to shave lotion, there have been only tiny improvements with the formulations. We still use a form of shaving soap as they did when Rome ruled most of the world.  They went from a solid soap to cream in a tube, then came the infamous can of shave foam or shaving gel for men. Needless to say, the shaving soaps we use today have had little improvement.

Men and women have been led to believe that a masculine smelling soap or shave lotion is needed to cover our face prior to shaving. The focus on how much the foaming of our shave lotion is to achieve "cushion" and or the fragrance to enlighten our senses while we shave. These are just distractions from the important benefits that should be considered.

So what are the real benefits a shave lotion should have? Think about what the benefits of a shave lotion should be.

What good is the scent of a shave lotion as it relates to the quality of shave? Nothing!

Can foam actually become a cushion for your razor blade? Nope!

What’s the purpose of a shaving soap that completely covers your face before you blindly drag a sharp edge(s) over your face? Zilch! 

Benefits we should be striving to achieve are less cuts, less irritation, physical transparency so we can see where we are shaving, natural ingredients, ease of use, speed and yes… less cost.

So why do we continue to use this foamy soap in a can or the Old School methods? Because manufacturers have created a price war to sell the cheapest soap. Manufacturers just haven’t advanced the science of making a better option for shave lotion until now!


It has come to our attention that the main purpose of a shave lotion is to provide a smooth glide for the razor as it glides over the skin to cut hair and not your sensitive skin. Question. But isn’t shave soap the best thing to accomplish this? NO! Foster and Lake has determined that natural plant oils like Coconut oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Jojoba provide much more glide than soap. So much more that shaving with today’s state of the art cartridge razor blades actually work better or in concert with each other. You can actually see the skin as the razor glides over the surface because the oil is clear, allowing for fewer nicks and cuts due to blemishes or skin imperfections. With less friction between the blade and the skin, people have fewer razor cuts, irritation and bumps. And… it will actually cost much less per shave because you are using drops of oil verses expanding foam or shave gel / soap. One 4oz. bottle of Shave Answers Shave Oil will provide over 300 shaves! Some people can get away with shaving every other day because it provides such a close shave. They can also buy just one bottle per year because a little goes a long way. People with sensitive skin can shave without fear of ingrown hairs or razor rash. Those with the thickest of beards can shave against the hair growth without worry and the moisturizing effects of oil will keep men and women moisturized and hydrated all day long.

When it comes to the environmental benefits, Shave Answers Shave Oil is made from two or three clean ingredients. Plant oils that don’t harm the earth. Because many buy just one bottle per year we reduce the carbon footprint, eliminate cans of aerosol and reduce trash going into our landfills by six times!

The benefits are many more than expected. Today thousands of people are shaving more often because shave oil makes it so much safer and easier to shave. They shave without the negative effects and can actually relax as they shave.