Secret Shaving Lotion? It's just Soap!!!

Posted by Mr. Foster on Jan 3rd 2022

Don't be fooled. Soap is what 95% of people use to shave their hair! Foamy soap from a can.Creamy soap from a tube.Gel soap from a can.Or just solid soap applied with a fancy shaving brush.For the … read more

How to shave with Shave Oil- Pro Tips

Posted by Mr. Foster on Dec 10th 2021

#1. Wash and rinse face with WARM water & Face Wash for two to three minutes.#2. Immediately apply 3 to 5 drops of Shave Answers Shave Oil to palm of hand.#3. Apply to the area being shaved. Cover … read more

Top 10 Shaving Myths !

Posted by Mr. Foster on Nov 2nd 2021

1.Your shave product, i.e. foam, cream, gel or soap, will protect your face from nicks and cuts?Shave lotions can't completely stop your razor from cutting your face. If the conditions are righ … read more