Secret Shaving Lotion? It's just Soap!!!

Posted by Mr. Foster on Jan 3rd 2022

Don't be fooled. Soap is what 95% of people use to shave their hair!

  • Foamy soap from a can.
  • Creamy soap from a tube.
  • Gel soap from a can.
  • Or just solid soap applied with a fancy shaving brush.

For the last 4000 years’ there’s been no shaving lotion option other than something made from soap. Big corporations refer to shave lotion as foam, gel, cream or just soap. There's been no advancements unless you consider soap from a tube or can an advancement? It's still just soap!

We’re told our razor blade isn't the latest and greatest, so then they try to sell us more expensive razor blades. Why? It's more profitable to sell us blades than to solve our shave lotion problems with a shave oil that will last a long time and reduce or completely eliminate the pains of shaving. It’s not the blade, it’s the lotion we use. It's just soap!

Today, most people splash a little water on the area to be shaved, apply a shave lotion, foam, cream etc... (soap), then start shaving.

The folks at Foster and Lake take a simple, four step approach:

  1. Wash the area to be shaved with mild Face Wash & warm water for one minute.
  2. Rinse with warm water for one minute.
  3. Apply 3 to 5 drops of Shave Answers shave oil to the area.
  4. Shave with a sharp razor blade. Rinse with cold water when finished.

They promote shaving oil without water as an ingredient and use as few as possible. Two or three to be exact.

Try it. You’ll see the difference and experience the best shave ever. No shave foam, gel or cream needed. Shave Answers Shave Oil is all natural and takes just three to five drops per shave. A little goes a long way. It reduces or completely eliminates razor irritation, bumps, cuts and dryness. They do this with just two or three natural plant oils and nothing more! No alcohol, chemicals, artificial fragrance or coloring used & they never test on animals.