Shave Oil vs Shaving Cream

Shave Oil, also known as Pre-Shave Oil, versus traditional shaving creams, foams and gels is a growing topic. As people are discovering they have had the “cream pulled over their eyes”! Shaving cream, gels and foams are almost all just very expensive water, with a little soap added in. This can leave the shaved area feeling dry, cause razor burn and irritation, later causing bumps.

Shave Oil, like our 4oz unscented shave oil, has two ingredients! Just Fractionated Coconut Oil and Meadow Foam Seed Oil – With no harmful parabens, alcohol, or expensive water. These oils create more glide with little to no irritation. Making the perfect shave just a few steps away! Shave oil is also clear, making areas of detail like beards, sideburns, or hairlines easy to see, allowing for perfectly manicured edges.

Shave oil is significantly cheaper (especially ours, as we offer a huge 4oz bottle), than water and chemical filled shaving creams, foams and gels. Our Shave Oil’s contain about 300 perfect shaves per bottle!

The Perfect Shave

  • Step One: Wash your face with warm water and a pre-shave face wash to soften the hair.
  • Step Two: Rinse again with warm water and apply just 2-3 drops of Shave Oil.
  • Step Three: Shave with a sharp razor (see our Blade Bath to keep your razors sharp and lasting up to 4X longer).
  • Step Four: Rinse with cold water and apply our Bermotti Moisturizing Aftershave. This will lock in moisture and further reduce or completely eliminate dryness or chaffing as a result of shaving.

Combining shave Oil & Shaving Cream: This is a MYTH! Using shave lotion, shave cream, shave foam, gel or hard shaving soap is worthless when used in conjunction with a shave oil. It covers the area so you can't see where you're shaving and it does nothing to help better the art of shaving. Regardless of what makers of shave soap, foam, cream or the manufacturers of crazy concoctions claim, they’re selling you soap & water.

Common Things People do Wrong When Shaving:
Using too much Shave Oil! You don’t need a lot, we only recommend 2-3 drops of our Shave Oil to be effective.

Starting with a dry face! Shave Oil works best when applied to skin dampened with warm water. It opens your pours, and reduces the chance of any irritation or bumps, while providing a smoother, closer shave.

Shave Oil does have a different feel than traditional wet shaving with a soap or a cream. Feedback from the razor is more immediate, and much more sensory. It is very comfortable, and you know exactly where the razor is every second of the shave. Additionally, the clear shave oil allowed me to be extremely precise with my shave. Making this ideal for men with beards or goatees looking to clean up their edges.