Shave-N-Soothe Bergamot Gift Set Item #26720

Shave-N-Soothe Bergamot Gift Set Item #26720

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Wash-N-Shave Gift Set includes a handsome gift pack for any occasion:
All Natural Ingredients & No Animal testing

Shave and Soothe Bergamot Gift Set has been assembled for those that love the soothing citrusy fragrance of Bergamot not only from their shave oil but also for their after shave. Contents include Shave Answers Shave Oil- Bergamot and Bermotti After Shave- Bergamot. If you've never smelled Bergamot,when you do,  it's likely that you'll say, "Aaah... I Love that fragrance. What is it?" You can't go wrong as a gift or as your daily shaving combination. These two bottles should last a long time. As with all Foster and Lake products, there are no testing of animals.