Pre-Shave Face Wash | Natural Mint 4OZ

Pre-Shave Face Wash | Natural Mint 4oz

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Short Description:
A concentrated mild Facial Wash designed specifically for use prior to shaving.
Natural Ingredients:
Made in USA with Organic Coconut & Sunflower then fragranced naturally with Natural Cedar Wood Oil.


Pre-Shave Face Wash | Natural Mint 4 oz. - An all-natural cleansing to prepare your face or area to be shaved. Delivers a unique blend of organic Sunflower and Coconut along with natural Peppermint  Essential oil to provide our Natural Mint fragrance. Foster and Lake strongly suggests using this face wash before every shave for about two minutes. Often overlooked, this step softens and saturates skin and whiskers with water allowing better blade penetration and comfort as the blade passes through the hair.   

 Instructions for use prior to shaving:

1. Wet the area to be washed with warm water.

2. Add a small amount of Face Wash to the palm of your hand.

3. Rub hands together making sure that the Face Wash is on both hands.

4. Apply both hands to face and gently clean for at least one minute.

5. Rinse with warm water for at least one more minute.

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