Why Didn't Dad teach me how to shave?

Posted by Mr. Foster on May 27th 2022

Dad didn’t exactly show me how to shave. He gave me a razor and some canned shave soap and said, “go ahead, shave. Don’t cut yourself!” I observed his shaving method for several minutes every day for a couple of days and learned little about the details associated with a proper shaving.

After discussing the experience with my buddies, I learned that most of them learned to shave the same way. It was basically trial and error. Mostly error!

The reason for this was simple. Our dads didn’t learn the proper way to shave either! After a survey, we found that 85% of men have no idea how to properly shave! Many learned from watching TV commercials and followed advice that was driven to sell more product. Things like the need for a thick fluffy foam or that it had a fragrance that would attract more ladies. When was the last time a TV commercial for shave lotion or razor blades educated you on the right or wrong way to shave? Neverrrrr.

Companies that sell shaving products invest in clever or quirky TV commercials. Or they’re trying to sell you on the next generation razor with six blades and a vibrating handle. Needless to say, they neglected to educate people about the basics of honest shaving methods like:

*Shave with the growth of your hair.

*Wash your face for two to three minutes with Face Wash and warm water prior to shaving.

*Clogging a razor has no effect on the quality of your shave.

*Shave lotion is for razor blade glide. The razor should cut the hair and not your sensitive skin.

*Chemical ingredients, especially alcohol, will dry out skin and or cause skin irritation.

*Shave soap or shaving creams should not have a fragrance that over powers your cologne.

*Using a clear shaving lotion will allow you to align those sideburns and beard lines.

I challenge you to read more of the articles within the Foster and Lake blog. You’ll definitely learn more about shaving the right way.