What about the Ingredients?

What about the Ingredients?

Posted by Mr. Foster on Nov 19th 2020

Products that contain no alcohol or preservatives, are paraben free and without phthalates. Many contain no more than three ingredients.

 So how can there be so few ingredients in the Foster and Lake products?

Let's start with Shave Answers Shave Oil

When you look at the ingredients of foams, creams and soaps used for shaving, you see a vast array of ingredients. Some are synthetic, some are natural. Most products include several (as many as 20) ingredients. Our goal initially was to simplify shaving, make it comfortable, inexpensive and fast. 

We simply broke down the dynamics of shaving by identifying what is really needed. 

#1. Soften the whiskers or hair. This can be accomplished with warm water. It is the least expensive and most common liquid on the planet and almost everyone has it available. To load our product up with water would be against our goal to be inexpensive. Due to the fact that customers ultimately have to pay for the added weight of shipping the product to their store or home, we decided to make it clear in our instructions: wash your whiskers with warm water for 2 to 3 minutes prior to using Shave Answers. This accomplishes three important preparations prior to shaving. 

A. it softens the hairs. 

B. it moisturizes the skin 

C. it cleans away dirt

#2. Provide a slick surface that protects the skin from excessive razor drag. This was the hard part! We attempted this by trial, error, common sense and many nicks and cuts! 

We first attempted to use common olive oil but it gummed up the blade and wasn't slick enough. Then common vegetable oils, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and the list goes on and on. This exercise definitely told us what we didn't want! We didn't want drag, difficulty when rinsing the blade, a short expiration date, skin irritation, scented ingredients, exotic ingredients, products unfamiliar with the general public or a long list of products that have little or no affect on the shaving results.

We started educating ourselves on the effects of readily available natural ingredients used by people for thousands of years. No joke. We found success in various base ingredients but one that stood out was Coconut Oil. If you look at the benefits of Coconut Oil in our ingredients section, you'll see why. It works great as a base ingredient.

Next we had to fine tune the formula while staying in tune with our original goals and requirements. We started with mixtures of various ingredients using four or five mixed together with different levels in each. We did this for a period of about two years until we read about a new crop of Meadow Foam Seed Oil and how it performed as a cosmetic. This we mixed with various other ingredients, only to find that the more Meadow Foam Seed Oil we used in the base of Coconut Oil, the better our shaving experience became. So we simplified the formula by dumping out all of the other ingredients except for the Coconut Oil and just added Meadow Foam Seed Oil.  Zing Bang! It was like Edison and the light bulb. After hundreds of trials we finally gave birth to the formula that is now Shave Answers. It was simple!!!