5 Simple Ways to Make Razor Blades Last Longer

5 Simple Ways to Make Razor Blades Last Longer

Posted by Mr. Foster on Nov 5th 2020

Razor blade manufacturers say that your whiskers are as strong as copper and it dulls your blade. It may be true that whiskers are as strong as copper but that's not what ultimately "dulls" your blade. There is more to the equation.

We have seen all kinds of crazy ideas to beat the high cost of razor blades. They include things like storing them in miniature pyramids or placing them in the freezer between shaves. First, we have to ask ourselves, what makes the blade go bad after all? Why do they "go dull" after a week or two? Is it our tough burly beards? My cheap razors or something else? The answer is... a little of this and a little of that. For example, the residue you leave on the blade after every use! You leave water, soap, calcium from the water and skin from your face. This is the gunk that builds up after several shaves and causes your blade to "go dull". The fact is, your blade is not going dull, it's just building up a layer of gunk similar to the gunk that builds up in your arteries if you eat a lot of bread and pasta! Let's face it, the razor manufacturers won't come clean and tell you the truth about why their blades have a short life. Why not? Because they'll sell less blades!

Remember this old saying, "If you take care of your tools, your tools will take care of you". This goes for your razor too.

So the solution is to get the blade as clean as possible after every shave. But this isn't simple. The key is to take care of the razor after every use. Here are 5 ideas to consider in the challenge to make your razor blades last longer. This will also allow you to buy higher quality blades because they'll last longer and you'll get a better bang for your buck.

#1. Soak your blade in rubbing alcohol between shaves.
This is a good idea to kill the bacteria that causes razor bumps but usually makes all of the synthetic rubberized or plastic material that controls the critical angle of your razor dissolve away. This is caused by the petroleum base and remember you'll have to add more alcohol every day because it evaporates quickly. It's also bad for the environment and some people develop allergic reactions.

#2. Run your razor blade over a piece of denim jeans 30 times after every shave to sharpen it.
Well let's get this straight, it doesn't sharpen the blade. By doing this you are just drying out the blade, wearing out your jeans, trapping cloth fibers between the blades before your next use and wasting a lot of time and effort. It works but it's a pain in the jeans.

#3. Use a botanically based oil and soak your blade in it after every use.
Such razor bathing products are available today, including our own Blade Bath. This simple solution can make your blade last three to four times longer by microscopically displacing the water and the gunk that causes shave bumps and shorter blade life. Considering the price of a good quality razor blade to be around $5 to $6, this is a great option because it will extend the life of any blade by three to four times.

#4. Prep your face properly before shaving.
We do suggest that you prep our face with warm water and a little mild soap prior to shaving. This also softens your whiskers, making it easier for the blade to slice through the hairs and thus allowing the blade to last longer.

#5. Buy an electric blow drier to blow-dry your blade dry after every shave.
Good but time consuming. Remember, what's on the razor when you blow dry it, stays on the razor when its dry, including calcium deposits and bacteria that causes razor bumps and skin irritation.

Regardless of the blade you use, taking care of your shaving tools are essential to a longer lasting razor blade.