Men's gift set for shaving with sensitive skin or for everyday shaving needs.

Shave-N-Soothe Shave Answers Shave Oil Unscented & Bermotti Bergamot After Shave Gift Set # 26725

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Wash-N-Shave Gift Set includes a handsome gift pack for any occasion:
All Natural Ingredients & No Animal testing
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Shave and Soothe - Shave Answers Unscented Shave Oil and Bermotti Bergamot After Shave Gift Set has been assembled for those that love a great shave and the soothing citrusy fragrance of a Bergamot after shave. Contents include Shave Answers Shave Oil and Bermotti After Shave- Bergamot. If you've ever smelled Bergamot before, it's likely that you said, "Aaah... I Love that fragrance. What is it?" You can't go wrong as a gift or for your daily shaving experience. These two bottles should last a long time. As with all Foster and Lake products, there are no testing of animals.