Top 10 Shaving Myths

Top 10 Shaving Myths

Posted by Mr. Foster on Nov 1st 2021

1.Your shave product, i.e. foam, cream, gel or soap, will protect your face from nicks and cuts?

  • Shave products can't stop your razor from cutting your face. If the conditions are right, your razor blade can cut, nick or give you an irritating razor burn without much effort. The only way to reduce this problem is by using a shave product that allows the razor blade to glide over your skin versus grabbing and cutting it. This makes the amount and type of lubrication extremely important as it relates to your shaving product.

2. Shave products soften your beard?

  • Yes, a water based cream or foam etc. can keep the hairs soft but they can’t do the job as fast as or as inexpensive as warm water and a mild soap. After all, most shaving products are just a foamy soap variation. Your hair, regardless of where it is growing, is best softened by saturating it with water. By using a mild soap and warm water for 2 to 3 minutes, one can soften their hair, whiskers etc. quickly and without much cost. It is strongly suggested to do this prior to shaving otherwise the razor will drag over the surface of your skin making it uncomfortable and increasing the risk of cuts or nicks. Shave Answers Your hair is like a noodle, if it is soaked in water it will absorb that water and ultimately reduce its strength. It’s similar to how your fingernails react after being submerged in water for a long time. They also get soft.

3. Shaving will speed the growth or increase the strength of your hair?

  • This is an old idea that is completely wrong and proven to be false over and over again. Enough said.

4. Shave products including brushes used to apply shave creams or soaps will lift hairs so the razor can cut the hair closer to the skin?

  • Many manufacturers of shave products have made this claim although it doesn’t justify the use of a cream, gel, foam or soap that contains alcohol or covers your skin so you can’t see where you are shaving. The “lift”, if any, is minimal and doesn’t work for 100% or even 80% of the hairs.

5. My shave product says it is 100% organic?

  • As a manufacturer, we look at this statement and say so what? To be certified organic translate into more cost and the fact that you purchased the right to say your product is organic. It is crazy expensive for the certification and many times the certifications are focused around just paying an association for the right to say this in your advertising or on your product. LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS. If you don’t know what it is, don’t put it on your skin. Or if there are too many ingredients then the company is likely using many of them just for the sake of marketing. There is no reason why a product should have more than 10 or so ingredients. And… you shouldn’t have to Google an ingredient to find out what it is. Look for ingredients made from natural plants. You can’t go wrong. Shave Answers

6. Razor blades go dull because the tough hairs wear out the blade edge?

  • This statement is partially true but it doesn’t explain the entire problem. So first, how do we solve the problem of hair wearing out the blade? By saturating your hair with water prior to the shave it will become soft and thus reduce or eliminate the chance of physical blade wear. Just a little warm water and a mild Face Wash for two or three minutes will do the trick. Blades also go “bad” because of Water or Chemicals within the shave products used. Tap water commonly leaves calcium deposits on the edge of your razor every time you shave. These deposits build up on the razor edge over a very short time and cause the razor to drag making you think the razor is worn out. The chemicals within shave products are often derived from salt or are generally corrosive in nature. This also wears away your razor by corroding or leaving additional chemical deposits. Your razor edge is not made from space age metal that is 100% resistant to these chemicals. Nor does it repel the buildup of calcium. As a result, we end up tossing them after a few weeks of use. Good for the makers of razor blades, bad for us and the environment.

7. It is important that a cartridge razor with multiple blades stays clear of the shaving residue left from your shaving product?

  • If you are using razor blades that don’t allow the cut hairs and shaving product to completely pass through, this is true. But I have yet to find a razor blade, especially a multiple cartridge system, that won’t allow the shave product and cut hairs to pass through. Clearing your blade doesn’t allow for a better shave but if you insist, use hot water to clear your blade as you shave.

8. PreShave Oils are so expensive?

  • This is true because most of the manufacturers that make “white products” i.e. shave soap, gel, cream or foams, don’t want customers to start buying just shave oil to shave. They want you to purchase a “white product” and a preshave oil so now you are buying two products verses just one.

9. Shaving with PreShave Oils will make your shave better than without?

  • True… but most any oil or oil formulation applied prior to the application of “white Stuff” will increase the quality of your shave. The reality is, you don’t even need a preshave oil or the white stuff. Most PreShave Oils are slapped together without much thought. Most companies that market and sell it by putting promoting the scent vs a better shave. The fact is, they are very inexpensive to make but sell for as much as $45.00 per ounce. Most are a rip-off. Especially when a good “Shave Oil”, without the “white stuff”, is all you need. They should only cost around $3.50 to $5.00 per ounce and require 3 to 5 drops per shave.

10.Shaving against the growth of the hair is a bad idea?

  • Most of the time it is a bad idea. Although many people have found that when the conditions are right, they enjoy a great shave result. To shave against the growth of hair it is important to completely saturate the hairs with water by washing with warm water and a mild soap. Two to three minutes will usually be enough time. Some can shave one time against the growth and have great results although many find this uncomfortable. It is suggested to first shave in the direction of or at an angle to the growth of the hair. Shave Answers .Then on a second pass, go against the growth of hair. When finished, you can finish your shave by washing your face with warm water and mild soap. Lastly splash cold water over the shaved area to close the pours and soothe the skin. Or just wash your face with cold water to soothe the skin. In either case apply a natural after shave to soothe the skin and lock in  moisture.