Preshave Oil vs Shave Oil... what's the Difference?

Preshave Oil vs Shave Oil... what's the Difference?

Posted by Mr. Foster on Mar 28th 2021

What is the difference between shave Oil and preshave oil?  I respond by explaining, a PRESHAVE OIL is something you manufacture and sell if you already have a massive amount of business selling the white stuff. I'm referring to shave foam, gel, cream or soaps. Oil under them is going to make those products perform extremely well vs using them on their own. So as a manufacturer you end up selling two products verses just one.

A SHAVE OIL is something you formulate and sell if you want your customers to get the best bang for their buck and have a fantastic shaving experience. But to be more specific, here are my thoughts.

A preshave oil doesn't need much research or testing to be successful. Almost any oil thrown in a bottle with a nice smell can be a success as a preshave oil. After all shave foams, gels creams etc. don't really work that well to begin with. By adding any oil to the skin prior to the white stuff, you're going to get better results than you would without a preshave oil.

On the other hand, a good shave oil can be used by itself without the white stuff and if it's a really good shave oil, it will give you such a great shave that you can actually shave against the growth of your beard in one pass. Also shave oils are usually water-less and are formulated best when the need for a fragrance is taken out of the formulation. This allows the formulator to focus on the task of formulating a really good shave oil. Sometimes when a fragrance is mixed in to a great formula, it dilutes the quality of the shave.